Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

A Business Development Representative (BDR) is the first step on the sales totem pole. At Sales University Group, our clients have a team solely dedicated to their account. The BDR handles the front end of the sales cycle: prospecting sales, qualifying and adding leads to the pipeline of your closers so they can focus on what they do best … close deals!

What Is a Business Development Representative?

BDRs are specialized inside sales reps tasked with concentrating on outbound prospecting in an attempt to increase quality leads. The mission of the BDR is to drive leads through the sales funnel. Utilizing a raw list of sales leads, he or she contacts prospects in an attempt to qualify leads and set up appointments, after which the sales representatives follow up by meeting with buyers, spending time selling and closing the deal.

Why Does Your Sales Team Need Specialized BDRs?

Relying on your sales team to qualify leads and close the business is unrealistic — for several reasons:

  • Reaching the right sales prospects, conducting substantive initial and follow-up conversations, sending confirmation emails, and setting up appointments takes a lot of time, time that sales closers does not have.
  • Because it’s important to follow up with leads before they get cold, sales reps dedicated solely to the prospecting end of the sales pipeline help prevent the loss of potential sales.
  • The skill sets associated with sales prospecting and deal closing are different, and require distinct types of training, mentoring and coaching.
  • Sales reps close more business — and increase revenue — when they begin with qualified leads and have more time to pitch, propose and negotiate with prospects. 


“In the last three months, Azimuth — since partnering with Sales Empowerment Group and Sales University Group — has grown it’s active placements by 75% and we’ve grown our weekly revenue by 50%.”

- Jae Sherman, V.P. Sales and Development, Azimuth LLC


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