Sales Associate Incubator

Sales Associate Incubator

Over 50% of our sales reps are hired by our clients as top performing team members.

When partnering with Sales University Group (SUG), you can build a bench of Sales Development Representatives (BDRs), who we will train and manage under our roof, and then determine which reps are ready to transition from the “minor league” to the “major league” based on their performance. Testing talent and deciding who is a long-term fit for your organization is a great way to grow your sales team.

Sales University Group is true to our name, as we see ourselves as a training and proving ground for sales professionals. More than half of our reps have “graduated,” and have been hired away from SUG by their assigned clients.

Why Should You Consider Our Sales Incubator Service?

Outsourced sales incubator services offer a tremendous advantage for small and mid-sized companies. Without a hefty budget or sales resources to devote to coaching and mentoring, growing companies may be unable to increase their sales. Outsourced sales incubator services from SUG are the ideal solution to the challenges faced by many organizations today:

  • Training a sales staff is time consuming and costly. You invest a lot in developing mid- and entry-level sales staff before learning whether your new employees are the right fit.
  • Capable, experienced sales resources are relatively scarce. We continually hire, train and manage full-time salespeople to a high level of success, allowing you to avoid the hassles involved in recruiting, hiring and onboarding.
  • We provide added value to our clients beyond traditional lead generation and appointment setting. SUG also profiles and gathers market intelligence about the prospect’s operations and plans, facilitating the selling process.
  • Your SUG sales team is dedicated solely to your company.


Learn how SUG helped an industry leader cultivate sales talent, close deals and significantly increase revenue over a short time.

Azimuth Case Study


Sales University Group set 28 meetings, which generated $3.8MM to a healthcare client’s sales pipeline in just six months! This was accomplished by SUG’s focus on attracting, developing and coaching the best entry-level talent in Chicago.

Our downtown Chicago location makes a difference – it’s where top performers want to be.