Marketing Campaign Manager

Marketing Campaign Manager

A very unique service offered by Sales University Group (SEG) is Marketing Campaign Manager. SEG provides outsourced marketing services such as email marketing, lead generation campaigns, web site and video production that helps create demand and supports our Sales University Group outreach campaigns.

It’s a fact that marketing and sales make their strongest impact when strategically integrated at every step of the buyer’s journey. Marketing tees up customer awareness, conveys product/service features and benefits, and delivers consistent and relevant messaging across all forms of traditional and digital media.

Simply put, marketing helps to educate and inform, create interest and “warm” the sales call. We call it “creating meaningful conversations”. Sales reps then continue the conversation, building the customer relationship and working their magic to ultimately close the sale. Marketing + sales –– it’s the one-two punch that works to drive business and revenue.

Why Should You Consider Our Campaign Manager Services?

  • Aligning your sales and marketing efforts makes sense. Any disconnects between these two areas can confuse the customer and have a negative impact on your sales efforts.
  • Experience shows that sales messages are most ready to be received after customers have been exposed to strong and consistent marketing messages.
  • Marketing + sales is a sequence that works because it follows inherent consumer behavior in the buying process. As consumers, we typically need to see and hear about a product or service many times before we are ready to consider purchasing it.
  • SEG’s Campaign Manager includes: creating and executing a messaging strategy aligned to sales strategies, development of content across all forms of traditional and digital media, training in email campaigns, and best practices in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc).


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