Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Inbound leads are the main way to create meaningful conversations that leads to predictable revenue. Unfortunately, not all B2B company websites receive high enough traffic to rely on them alone for sustained growth. Sales University Group (SUG) provides you and your sales team with a constant flow of qualified meetings, so your pipeline never dries up.

SUG has helped clients achieve rapid sales growth through our solid approach to sales lead generation that fits perfectly with the needs of B2B organizations:

  • We customize our services around the unique needs of your customers and the benefits of your products and services.
  • Our time-tested B2B lead generation strategies have been refined and honed over the years, making us extremely efficient and providing you the greatest return on your investment.
  • SUG’s ability to connect with prospects quickly and start developing the all-important relationship helps us to deliver highly qualified leads in a timely manner.

Why Should Your Sales Team Outsource Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks with which you can burden your internal sales team. Turning a handful of cold suspects into hot prospects can take many hours spread out over weeks or even months. Your team can spend 100 hours chasing dead ends to find those few prospects with a genuine interest and an immediate need.

Rather than burden your internal (and highly paid) resources with the job of filling the lead pipeline, give the assignment to SUG. We are a full-time, professional marketing and lead generation company that helps its clients keep sales reps in the field, creating new customers and selling new products and services. It’s very simple, we fill up your outside sales team calendars with qualified meetings. This allows your organization to focus on closing deals and increase revenue.

Successful Lead Generation Strategies and Techniques

Sales University Group hires, trains and manages dedicated full-time lead generation teams. They are paid and managed by SUG, but to the public, they are your sales reps; they take on your company’s identity through email, LinkedIn profiles and more.

We help you present your brand consistently. When lead generation is handled internally, each of your sales reps may be telling your company story differently, which can lead to confusion in the marketplace about your company’s core strengths and fundamental value proposition. But this won’t happen when you work with SUG! We work strategically with your sales executives to develop a lead generation communication plan that presents your brand consistently, making sure that all contacts hear the same message — one that contains the most persuasive points possible in encouraging the prospect to talk to one of your sales representatives.


One client closed 35 deals that were generated by Sales University Group, which resulted in over $2MM in revenue.