Sales University Group (SUG) leads the industry in helping organizations drive top-line revenue. Our mission is to partner with our clients to accelerate sales activity and revenue through generating a new pipeline of sales opportunities. We know how to execute and deliver results for your organization.

As a single-source solution for sales outsourcing, we help sales organizations add the right people while installing the most effective sales structure and sales technology to increase sales. Our flexible standalone or full-service options ensure that we can tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of every business.

SUG has been trusted by some well-known organizations, many of which are on the Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.


Client Realities:

It’s one thing to have a strong sales team in place. It’s another to continue to attract the fresh, skilled talent that will ensure sales keep growing.

It’s great to be the organization with its own dedicated sales training experts in-house. It’s a different story if you have to rely on your current sales team to train new people when their time is better spent with customers.

It’s eye opening to see the number of seasoned sales leaders who are nearing retirement age, and to realize how organizations across all industries will be vying in the near future for a sales talent pool that simply isn’t there.

These are the realities behind the launch of Sales University Group (SUG), sister company to Sales Empowerment Group (SEG). Brian O’Neil, Founder and CEO of SEG and SUG, saw the opportunity to build both businesses based on two very distinct but complementary needs in the sales arena.

SEG specializes in providing battle-tested interim sales support and marketing –– proven sales leaders who go inside companies across most any industry to help with a specific issue for the short and long term. On the other hand, SUG finds and develops young talent to become a company’s very own next generation of sales champions –– bright, new talent trained to the company’s unique sales and marketing needs and initiatives by high-energy coaches in SUG’s stimulating downtown Chicago incubator setting, a place where motivated young minds thrive.

Today, SUG has become the nation’s premier recruiting, training, and incubator for young sales professionals. Companies find SUG not only a smart way to outsource recruitment and training but also to test talent to see if they are the right fit long term. At the end of an engagement, the client company has the option to hire the talent away full time. We are proud to say that more than 60% of our reps have been hired away by our assigned clients.

It may be true that some people are born to be in sales. However, that doesn’t make it any easier for those particular young people to follow their calling or for companies to find and train them. SUG is about solving the problem for both sides and in doing so, building lives, careers and business for the future.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Sale University Group’s mission is to be the go-to resource for developing the next generation of “sales rock stars.” Our clients look to us to successfully deliver qualified opportunities as an outsourced sales partner and to execute their sales initiative.

Sales University Group will be the premier provider of the best inside sales professionals, delivering the greatest potential for new sales. We will be best-in-class in incubating and delivering the greatest sales talent, evangelically representing and joining the clients we serve.


DEDICATION - Go the extra mile for your client, your team and yourself by taking on each day with resilience and hard work.

TEAMWORK - Encourage and support our team by holding each other accountable and prioritizing efforts that drive the team to exceed client expectations.

COACHABILITY - The foundation of our company is coaching and training, the application of which is the responsibility of all of us.

CREATIVITY - Dedicate time to step out of your comfort zone, think outside the box and put your personal touch on your work.

RESPECT – We require respect and empathy for each other, our coaches, our clients and ourselves.