Sales Development

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is the first step on the sales totem pole. At Sales University Group, our clients have a team solely dedicated to their account. The SDR handles the front end of the sales cycle: prospecting, qualifying, and adding to the pipeline of your closers so they can focus on what they do best… close deals!

Appointment Setting

All sales-driven businesses rely on a steady supply of appointments and leads. Without a constant flow of each, how can you be expected to maintain growth? All too often, your sales team is focusing on following up on leads and running meetings, instead of hitting the phone and uncovering new leads. Our SDRs are focused on setting qualified appointments, allowing your sales team to work most efficiently on closing deals.

Lead Generation

Inbound leads are something every sales rep loves. Unfortunately, not all companies receive high enough traffic to rely on them alone for sustained growth. We can provide you and your sales team with a constant flow of qualified meetings, so your pipeline never dries up.

Sales Associate Incubator

When partnering with Sales University Group, you can build a bench of SDRs, who we will train and manage under our roof, and then determine who is ready to from the “minor league” to the “major league” based on their performance. This solution is a great way to test talent in order to determine who is a long-term fit for your organization.

Sales University Group is true to our name, and we see ourselves as a training and proving ground for sales professionals. Over 50% of our reps have “graduated,” and have been hired away by their assigned clients.